Working with SADA Systems

Ryerson has selected a third party system integrator to help us implement Google Apps for Education at Ryerson. SADA Systems Inc. is working with Computing and Communications Services (CCS) on project planning, data migration, system integration, and community training.

The SADA team visited Ryerson on the week of April 10 and were able to help CCS validate and refine much of the CCS implementation team’s initial project planning. We are also working on a communications strategy to make sure the Ryerson community knows what to expect and where to go for help.

We are continuing to work on adding more detail to our privacy impact assessment, the financial risk assessment, integration, accessibility and security assessments which are all key pieces as we move ahead with negotiating an acceptable agreement with Google.

Our initial plan is to migrate to Google in three steps:

  1. Alpha Testing: move some CCS staff to Google
  2. Beta Testing: move early adopters (volunteers) from across the University to Google
  3. Migrate faculty, staff, and students to Google in September

This timing is only preliminary! Until an agreement is signed with Google, and we have done more testing, we will not know if we will be able to start the migration process early in the Fall term.

Faculty and Students will have the opportunity to opt in to Google’s Gmail service or continue using Rmail. There is no opt out for Google Calendar or the other services that make up Google Apps for Education. Our current plan is to make a form available later this summer in the portal. Faculty and students will see the form when they log in. The form will ask them to choose between using Rmail or Gmail.

We will post more information as it becomes available on this blog.

Updated April 27 to indicate our current plan is to provide Gmail as an opt-in option rather than an opt out.

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7 Responses to Working with SADA Systems

  1. Kareem says:

    Sign me up for the beta testing. Hell I’ll work a summer custodian position in CCS just so i can get away from Groupwise quicker.

    • Brian Lesser says:

      Happy to, but be careful what you wish for! During the beta you will have to use both calendars.

  2. Daniel Sarfati says:

    I’m willing to be a beta tester as well, I’m a part time BTM student with a lot of experience with email systems (I’m a sysadmin as a full time job) and gmail…

    • Daniel Sarfati says:

      Sorry, I forgot to mention I also have some experience setting up gapps for a couple of domains 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know if there are plans to have an educational version of Google Drive? I’m a huge fan of Dropbox, but if Google Drive were well integrated into our new system (and was free from datamining by Google), I’d make the switch.

    Also, not sure if this has been asked before, but will Google Apps for Education allow me to add collaborators from outside Ryerson (say, from universities in the US)?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Re: my previous comment about Google Drive, it looks like it is part of the Apps for Education package:

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