Letter of Acceptance

April 23, 2019

On April 10, 2019 we reviewed the letter of recommendation to close the RMail service submitted by the Advisory Committee on Academic Computing (ACAC). We also reviewed the letter from the dissenting member of ACAC regarding other options.

We accept the recommendation of the ACAC to retire the RMail service.

The ACAC consulted widely on this issue. The committee provided a thorough rationale for this recommendation and has determined that Gmail is a more secure working environment than RMail. The suggested alternatives to RMail were found to be neither practical or cost-effective. The recommendation includes a series of next steps leading to the gradual retirement of the RMail system.

Closing the RMail system will reduce the risks of successful attacks on email accounts and the people who own them at Ryerson University. The ACAC and CCS have been involved in ongoing efforts to improve cybersecurity at Ryerson and remain committed to minimizing the risks of successful attacks.

We want to thank the committee for their contributions and continued efforts.

Dr. Michael Benarroch
Provost and Vice President, Academic

Deborah Brown,
Vice-President, Administration and Operations

Ryerson University

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2 Responses to Letter of Acceptance

  1. Rmail User says:

    In your Alternative Letter, you mentioned On-prem Server. Is Ryerson going to do this, or it is simply a thought as placebo?

  2. Brian Lesser says:

    The letter of acceptance refers to the alternative you mention: “The suggested alternatives to RMail were found to be neither practical or cost-effective.”

    There are no plans for an on-prem server.

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