Letter of Acceptance

On December 20, 2011 we reviewed the joint proposal to adopt Google Apps for Education submitted by the Advisory Committee on Academic Computing (ACAC) and Computing and Communications Services (CCS). We are pleased with the work done by the joint ACAC/CCS committee to thoroughly research the needs of the Ryerson community, the options for a new email, calendar and collaboration platform, and the issues related to cloud computing. The consultation process was notable for being both informative and inclusive.

We are delighted to accept the committee’s assessment of Google Apps for Education as the preferred solution for Ryerson. The proposal includes a series of next steps leading to negotiation of a contract with Google, which we also support. We look forward to the outcome of the proposed assessments on privacy, financial risk, integration and security.

If adopted, Google Apps for Education will provide the Ryerson community with a rich collaboration platform that will work consistently across the entire university and will dramatically improve the online environment at Ryerson. We also accept the committee’s recommendation that students and faculty who do not wish to use Gmail for email be able to use the current Rmail system.

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We’d like to commend Dimitri Androutsos, Chair, ACAC and Brian Lesser, Director, CCS for their leadership on this significant project. We would also like to recognize the important contribution and hard work of the Email and Collaboration Committee:

Dimitri Androutsos, Electrical and Computer Engineering (Co-chair)
Brian Lesser, Director, Computing and Communications Services (Co-chair)
Mike MacDonald, Arts
Jason Naughton, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Casey Carvalho, Computing and Communications Services
Saira Chhibber, Ryerson Students’ Union
Heather Driscoll, Information and Privacy Coordinator
Dave Mason, Computer Science
Jennifer Parkin, Computing and Communications Services
Ilone Harrison, Records and Information Management

Yours truly,

Alan Shepard, Provost and Vice President Academic

Julia Hanigsberg, Vice-President, Finance and Administration

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