Symposium Registration is Closed

Online registration is now no longer available for the Symposium: Exploring the Future of E-mail, Privacy, and Cloud Computing at Ryerson. The Symposium is on February 24 and runs from 9:30 AM until 4 PM in the George Vari Engineering and Computing Centre,
245 Church Street. Room ENG 103.

There is no charge for registration and a modest lunch including a variety of sandwiches and vegetable trays will be provided for those that request it. We have reserved most of the available seats for the Ryerson community but have set aside some seats for guests. Each person must register separately – we are not setup to handle group registrations.

[Update: Registration is closed.]

To register please complete the online registration form.

If you have questions about the Symposium please contact:

Registration will close on February 21.

More information on the Symposium is available here:

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2 Responses to Symposium Registration is Closed

  1. littlebearz says:

    I was wondering why Exchange server was used, it seems that postfix will do the same job. Although more troublesome to configure initially but can be run by the faculty and the students.

    • blesser says:

      The Advisory Committee on Academic Computing asked us to look at Exchange. There was strong interest in using Exchange/Outlook for Email, Calendaring, and Collaboration in the Ted Rogers School of Management and, I think, in the Faculty of Arts where Exchange is already very popular.

      Running a secure, reliable, and scalable E-mail and calendaring system these days involves much more than the mail transport software. Of course Postfix might work as one component of a larger and more complex system that would have to include: inbound/outbound spam/virus/malware filtering with user accessible spam folders for recovery of incorrectly flagged E-mails, long term Email archives, rich AJAX based user interface, support for imap, etc, full-fledged calendaring including easy and effective busy searches and so on.

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